September 10, 2018

Recently, I’ve been experimenting with new beauty products. I used to be so worried with how my skin would react to new products and I never wanted to upset my skin. Since venturing out of my skincare comfort zone, my skin has never been clearer which has boosted my confidence. No make up days are more regular than make up days now! My routine is split into day and night with the occasional use of face masks and retinol when I feel my skin needs a boost. Everyones skin is different so your routine may differ from mine but if you’re looking to switch up your products or try something new, I swear by these products!


Day & Night

Every morning and night, I cleanse and moisturising after a warm shower in the morning. Mario Badescu Seasweed Cleansing Soap is my favourite cleanser and I’ve been using it for awhile now. Within a week of using this product my blemishes cleared up and my pours were noticeable smaller. I then use Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Moisturiser which turned out to be one of my favourite buys after running out of my original moisturiser whilst in California. I knew I didn’t want to spend a lot on a moisturiser I hadn’t used before but I still wanted it to be effective. So after searching on Pinterest for the best drugstore moisturiser, Aveeno was popping up everywhere and now I can see why! It soaks into your skin instantly making it smooth without leaving an oily residue like some moisturisers. It has become a daily essential with SPF 15 protecting my skin from the sun. For extra hydration I’m obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream which totally lifts my skin and gives it a more even tone. I apply this in the morning and let it soak into my skin before applying my make up.

Blend33 is one of my hero products from 33Dowanhill (beauty salon based in Glasgow). Recently, I’ve been using Blend33 (hand blended facial oil) instead of moisturiser after cleansing as my skin is very delicate. Sometimes thick creams are too over powering. The oil sinks into the skin so nicely making it glowy and hydrated.

 Once a week, I use Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant for a deeper cleanse. I recently started using this after searching for an exfoliator which is light on the skin. It’s important not to over exfoliate which I’ve learned from experience. I used to exfoliate a lot which made my skin overly clean resulting extremely oily skin – not cute!  This is exactly the product I needed, it’s gentle and leaves my skin smooth. I ordered the travel (13g) size as it’s a powder and lasts long!

For a little boost…

When my skin is looking tired or when I have break outs I like to give a little extra love! For break outs, I swear by retinol to reduce swelling and redness overnight. Shani Darden Retinol Reform will always be part of my beauty routine (Check out my post on this magical solution here). The Ordinary 2% Retinoid has a similar effect but at a more affordable price (£8…can you believe it?!). Retinol/retinoid tends to dry out my skin if I use it too often/too much so I try to only use it when I need it and only in the problem. Another Mario Badescu product (I love this brand) which I use all year round but especially in summer is the Aloe Herbs & Rosewater Facial Spray to keep my skin hydrated. I also set my make up with it to add a dewy finish!

My Sunday evenings are spent relaxing with a face mask on and a camomile tea…bliss! I love the Summer Friday’s Jet Lag face mask. I ordered this immediately after Marianna Hewitt (beauty blogger) released it. It has worked wonders on my skin, making it super moisturised and glowing. Almost every time I’ve used this mask my boyfriend comments on how good my skin looks (so it must be working). I like to use it when my skin needs a boost or in the morning before a big event/ night out. I can’t wait to try the new Summer Fridays Overtime face mask which is made with pumpkin with exfoliating beads, I need it asap!

Other products I like to use to treat dry skin or break outs are Skin Food by Weleda, Egyptian Magic Cream and Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. When the seasons change my skin acts up so I like be prepped with a variation of products to treat my skin. I’m a product junkie so if you have any products you think I’d like please let me know, there’s room for more in my collection!


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