2019 Resolutions

January 10, 2019

1. Stress less about things I can’t control – Sometimes I can stress over situations out with my control so this year I’m working on stooping it because the stress either doesn’t help the problem or it makes it worse! So I will focus on finding a solution or if there isn’t a solution, let it be.

2. Maintain my healthy lifestyle – Continue to work out and eat healthy throughout the year. This means keeping up a routine even when life gets busy or if I’m travelling because I always feel happiest when I’m working out and fuelling my body correctly. I’m going to set new goals and challenges with my PT Stephen (at The Fitt Principle) and try out new classes such as barre, dance classes and further my yoga practice – starting this January at Hotpod Yoga Glasgow (they have an intro offer on at the moment for 10 days of unlimited classes for £14 – check it out here).

3. Be less of a perfectionist on social media – I’ve struggled with this one for a while now… but this year I WILL beat this good but also very bad trait. I will post more consistently with less thought of how my feed looks – you want to see more right?

4. Push myself in terms of blogging & modelling – I want to connect with more brands that are in line with my style to share with all of you and shoot more of my day to day style. Share more of the fitness, skin and beauty products I love and to be more present online! As for modelling, I want to shoot as much as I can with photographers in Glasgow and Manchester (I signed with Nemesis agency in Manchester at the end of 2018!) to strengthen my portfolio for more job opportunities.

4. Gain more experience in the fashion industry – I want to do internships in London with luxury brands/companies or major retailers specifically in the creative department. I miss learning at university so this year I’m ready to put my degree to use to practice what I already know and of course learn more.

5. Travel to at least 4 new countries – I love travelling and always feel so inspired to create content in new surroundings. I’ve already got an exciting trip coming up at the start of February – I can’t wait to share where I’m going!


2019, please be my year!



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