February 7, 2016



As you can all tell, I’m loving my Chloé Faye bag and I always will! It’s a classic style and colour for any outfit! It goes perfect with my little snake flats. These Balletonet flats were my first collaboration which makes them extra special! They’ll always have a space on the shoe wall.

This week Scotland has been hit with some of the craziest storms from America (thanks…) which meant constant rain and wind… ugh! So it was time for a little retail therapy. I’ve been excited to shop the new Spring/Summer styles in my favourite stores however February is between seasons and it definitely still feels like winter in Scotland! So on Saturday I purchased some cute new season items from Topshop, Zara and H&M which can be worn all year round. Last year, I got too far ahead of myself and bought my spring wardrobe when it was still snowing! It’s a good idea to hold off because not all of the SS16 styles are available yet… so choose wisely! High street stores like to tease us with new products every week which totally gets my attention! I check my Topshop and Zara app daily to see what the new products and the result is a never ending wish list!

My new obsession… MAXI COATS! There’s nothing cooler than wearing an extra long coat over a simple T with jeans and flats. It instantly makes an outfit look more chic. This MissGuided maxi coat had been on my mind for ages and I couldn’t wait to share it with you all.

I was working with the wind or against it should I say… Shooting when it’s windy is not an easy task! There’s a lot of out takes from this shoot with my hair in my face and my jacket in the air. Which makes for a hilarious editing process! This light weight maxi coat probably wasn’t the best choice for the weather but it will be perfect for cool spring days with denim shorts! You’ll be seeing a lot more of this!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Now, it’s SuperBowl time!

 S H E

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