Time to Train like an Angel

November 11, 2015

It’s that time of year again… The Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2015! If theres anytime to get motivated for the body you’ve always wanted, it’s now! I love seeing all of my favourite angels kill it on the runway and not to forget about the amazing underwear. I wanna be an angel!

Tuesday morning grind thanks to Andy at AG Fitness Training in the Merchant City, Glasgow. The warehouse gym had great facilities and really friendly staff, the perfect environment for a hard workout.

A little different to my usual work outs but a great way to switch it up with new exercises and techniques.  I used to worry about becoming too muscly when working out until I learned that it is almost impossible for girls to gain as much muscle as guys. I love the healthy toned look, with elongated limbs…like the VS models. But most of all I love the confident look! Be happy with your body, work out to be healthy inside and out.

Today’s work out started with a five minute warm up on the rowing machine followed by stretching the appropriate muscles for the session. We then continued with strength training which involved dead lifts & squatting. The perfect combination for toned long legs as well as tightening those abs! This was my first attempt at dead lifts so we really focused on getting my posture right before completing some tough sets.


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