November 19, 2017

A S A N A   R E B E L

Asana Rebel is the perfect app for all my fellow yogis looking to practice on the go anywhere at any time or for beginners who are just becoming familiar with moves before committing to yoga classes. After stumbling across the app, I started practicing using the free flows available when I had spare time in the morning or at night. I really love that the flows range from 5 minutes to 20minutes meaning I can build up my practice with a few different flows or just one depending how much time I have. The app also logs the workouts into a diary, counting up how many minutes I have practiced for with space to add a message about how you feel after your work out. I’m still yet to pay for the full version of the app which I think I will eventually get around to as I’ve done the free ones a million times over.


M Y   F I T N E S S   P A L

I try to use My Fitness Pal regularly to log my weight and keep a food and water diary. This app lets you log your current weight and goal weight, which calculates your calorie intake to hit this weight within a time frame determined by you! By logging what I eat everyday, I find it’s a great way to stick to a healthy diet or to get back on track after an indulgent weekend. I find this is the best way to kick start the New Year after all the festivities.

At first, I kept forgetting to log what I had eaten but before I knew it, it became a habit – It takes a minimum of 21 days for anything to become a habit! I have fallen into a routine of logging after each meal by scanning product labels or by typing in brand names. A lot of what I eat is prepped fresh like salads or homemade soups so the calories aren’t always accurate but it’s a good guideline. I try not to get too caught up in the numbers when it comes to calories or the number on the scale – as long as I’m feeling healthy from within, that’s all that matters!


N I K E + R U N C L U B   &   M A P   M Y   R U N

I haven’t always loved running outdoors and I can’t even say I love it now, but I’m starting to enjoy it more and more. I’ve always had a mental block about how far I can run and I always just told myself I didn’t have the stamina for it…when in reality I do. So once I pushed past that, I started running and pushing myself to run further using Map My Run similar to the Nike+ Run Club app, it logs the route, distance and time ran into a work out section which allows you to compare each run. It also has a voice setting, which tells you when you have ran each mile/kilometre and the pace as you run. I recently switched from Map my run to the Nike+ Run Club app because I prefer the layout of the app and there aren’t adverts but they both do similar jobs!



The Fitbit app obviously works in conjunction with Fitbit product and it’s one of the reasons why I stay in the gym for 15 more minutes or why I run that bit further! The app syncs with the Fitbit and counts your steps literally as you’re on the move. It also collects data on heart rate giving stats relating to weight and age as well as monitoring sleeping patterns. My favourite feature of the app has to be setting up challenges with friends and family, there’s nothing like a little competition to get you moving! There’s also a chat section on the challenges to cheer on your competition or taunt them depending on what mood your in. Check out my post on Fitbit (here) to read more about the product and why I’m obsessed!



I’ve had Pinterest for years now and I still use it like I downloaded it yesterday. Every night before going to sleep, I check my feed for style, beauty, health and fitness inspiration. My Pinterest boards really are a reflection of my life so of course I have a fitness board. I like to save workouts to do in the gym, HITT routines, yoga moves & flows and cute gym clothes. I love how I can specifically search for workouts to target specific muscles like lower abs or inner thigh and get hundreds of different moves to save for later or use there and then in the gym! I also search for different moves to do on weight machines like the abs bench or the assisted pull up machine. It makes the big weights a little less daunting with images showing how to use them. It’s the best way to get creative with work outs instead of repeating the same work out over and over which eventually becomes ineffective!

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