February 4, 2019

After reading/ hearing loads of influencers and celebrities (Victoria Beckham and Frankie Gaff from Made in Chelsea to name a few) rave about Skinade I was desperate to try it out. Although my skin is generally pretty good, I’m always looking for new products or treatments to make it better. Good skin is all about effort and maintenance. I go to Proform Aesthetic for a monthly dermaplaning facial followed by LED light therapy and occasionally other treatments like the oxygen facial or their hydrating facial – both amazing for extra glow. When I realised they stocked Skinade, my beautician gave me 5 travel samples (like in the image) to try. I saw a difference in these couple of days and really wanted to try out the 30 day course.  I’ve just recently finished the 30 days and I can visibly see that my skin is more plump and glowy.


It’s a anti-ageing collagen drink which aims to improve the aesthetics and texture of skin. It comes in 150ml bottles and travel sachets (a mixture which is ideal if you’re away a lot or have a busy schedule).

It works best if you take it consistently everyday (unfortunately I missed a couple of days here and there over new year as I was in London and forgot to take them in the mornings).  I’ve also heard that the 90 day course gives the best results so I’m definitely keen to try it for longer to continue to improve my skin!

It’s an peach flavour so it’s easy to drink (tastes better than it smells so don’t be put off by the initial scent). I kept my bottles in the fridge because I prefer the taste when they are cold.

The company recommends you drink after eating breakfast which I did (for about a week) and then I changed to taking it on an empty stomach. I definitely saw a bigger difference in my skin taking it first thing in the morning. Also it’s great to take just before an early gym session because it contains caffeine.

You can order online or purchase in some beauty salons/ clinics. For all of the Glasgow based readers, Proform Aesthetic stock Skinade and can tell you everything you need to know about the brand. The Skinade Instagram page also gives information on the product on each post which was really helpful whilst taking it.

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