November 19, 2017

I’ve always been sporty since a really young age starting with attending a musical theatre school where I did all types of dance: jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, ballet as well as gymnastics, drama and singing. At the time, it felt like I was being tortured at military camp but now I’m so grateful for being taught about technique, strength and stamina so young and in such a disciplined and strict environment. In my teens, I started playing field hockey for my high school and my local club team. This sport sparked my competitive nature to be the fastest, strongest and overall best I could be. My competitive nature drives me to try (and try to win) almost any sport or challenge thrown my way. This is where my love for the gym and keeping fit stems from. Challenging myself to new gym classes and pushing myself to feel the healthiest I can inside and out.


My weekly fitness routine consists of going to the gym at least 5 times a week. Obviously life happens and sometimes different events or occasions pop up but I do try to make it a rule instead of an option. I usually prep for the week ahead by booking myself into as many classes as possible. The gym classes (Nuffield Health Gym) I like to attend are Body Step, Spin, Aerobics, body Balance (a mix of yoga, tai chi and pilates) and yoga.


B O D Y    S T E P


I’ve become obsessed with Body Step after trying the class over a year ago and miserably failing at the first class I should add! It’s all about following a floor routine on and off of a step so it takes coordination, timing, strength and stamina. A lot of people are put off after the first class because of routine difficulty but it does take a while to get the hang of your limbs moving in different directions to the beat. I try to go to Step twice a week depending on my university timetable as a cardio session for the week. The main reason I love step is because you’re mind is occupied by following the routine opposed to the fact you are doing an intense work out. I always come out dripping in sweat (ew and yay) and excited for the next class!




Spin literally melts body fat and I believe it’s the fastest way to lose weight. I used to detest Spin class which gave me this negative mental block of thinking I wasn’t fit enough to complete a class. Mind set is a huge part of getting to the gym or even into your gym wear. It’s so important to be open minded about working out and pushing yourself; this all comes from being positive and ultimately your own biggest fan! I usually go to 45 minutes spin classes and finish off in the gym afterwards with arms or abs workout for around 30 minutes.


Tip: if you’re struggling to get through a spin class or a heavy climb, I like to count in my head to my feet peddling 1, 2, 3,4…1,2,3,4…and so on to the beat. It really helps to keeping you going at the correct pace.




I turned into a true yogi when I was studying in California for 6 months. I went to Yoga 3 times a week as a way to keep fit, lengthening my muscles and also to stay strong mentally. Since then, I’ve never looked back and still can’t get enough of practicing. When I first started I was a bit unsure how I felt about meditation but now I’m all for finding inner peace and it’s really helped me become a better person. Everyone interprets mediation in their own way so until you try it you’ll never know! I try to practice as much as possible, whether that’s going to a gym class, using my Asana Rebel app (check out my post on this must have app for yogis and newbies here) or just practicing a flow for 10mins at home. I’ve come so far in my first year and it’s been so rewarding improving my flexibility and nailing balance poses.

The Body Balance class I go to (1 or 2 times a week) is a fast pace class of tai chi, pilates and yoga all in one to chart music. I love the combination of these three as it targets almost everything. We go through tai chi routines, followed by yoga flows & balances, pulsing pilates routines finished off by a relaxation period in savassana.


When I can, I fit in my own workouts in the gym, which always begin with 30 minutes of cardio split into 3 sets of 10 minutes on the bike, cross trainer or treadmill. The other 30 minutes to an hour is focused on abs, legs or arms depending on what needs work on. I don’t have a strict routine for what I do and I always try to mix it up with new moves on Pinterest or @Joja (VS models Josphine and Jas fitness insta page) to keep my work out effective. Make sure you are watching my insta stories for my workouts coming soon!

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